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How safe are the ingredients in your products?

We use the EWG database as a resource to help us compare products and their ingredients so that we may attempt to find suitable alternatives to the more harmful mainstream cosmetics.


What is natural makeup?
The FDA does not define the word natural. There is no federal regulation for how the word can be used on packaging. Many products that are composed of mainly synthetic ingredients are labeled as natural because they have one natural ingredient.

At Purely Posh the term natural means that a majority (and most of the time) ALL of the ingredients are natural.


What does the term "organic" mean?
Organic is a labeling term that indicates that the product has been produced through approved methods. These methods integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used.


Are your products Organic?
We offer some Certified Organic products. They all contain 95% or higher Organic ingredients as regulated by the USDA.  The process to become officially “organic” is very costly and takes a great deal of time. Even our products that are not classified as organic contain natural and often organic ingredients.

Look for the symbol next to the product to determine if a product is organic.


Are cosmetics approved by FDA?
FDA does not approve cosmetics, although they do approve color additives used in cosmetics. It is the responsibility of cosmetic manufacturers to ensure, before marketing their products, that the products are safe when used as directed in their label or under customary conditions of use.


Is there risk to inhaling the loose mineral particles?
There is much controversy with this issue but we don’t believe there is a concern with the everyday use of these products. If you are applying the mineral makeup correctly there should not be a large cloud of dust in the air to inhale. There is more concern with employees manufacturing the products who have the risk of inhaling particles for many hours everyday.


How do you apply mineral makeup?
Gently shake a small amount of the mineral makeup into the lid. Press the brush into the makeup and swirl the brush in the lid. Tap the brush on the edge of the lid to let the remainder of mineral makeup fall into the lid. If there is a puff of powder, there was too much in the lid and try using slightly less next time.


Are your products tested on animals?
None of the products we offer have been tested on animals. Most of the vendors we purchase from are PETA certified.


Are you an eco-friendly company?
Purely Posh and all of the vendors we purchase from are engaged in efforts to be environmentally friendly.


Do you offer gluten-free products?
Yes. Look for the symbol next to the product to determine if each product is gluten-free.


Do you offer vegan products?
Yes. Look for the symbol next to the product to determine if each product is vegan.


Do all of the colors for each product contain the same ingredients?
No. The ingredient list for each product contains all the ingredients for all of the colors. If you would like to know what the ingredients are for a specific color please email info@shoppurelyposh.com.


What does shipping cost?
Shipping is a flat rate of $6 to ship anywhere in the US.