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Natural Elements

The products at Purely Posh contain all natural ingredients.  All of our products were produced without testing on animals.  Most of our vendors are Peta certified.  Purely Posh along with our vendors are engaged in efforts to be environmentally friendly. In addition, there are several other key characteristics of our products and we have included easy-to-use ingredient codes to identify them as shown below.. Product ingredients can be easily identified by the icons listed on the product detail pages. A description of each icon can be found below. 

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Usually (and at this site), unscented means the product has no ingredients added solely to give it a fragrance. All products have some odor from the base materials of the product. Especially if the product contains essential oils (for example, lavender), it may have a distinct floral, herbal, or citrus odor and still be labeled "unscented." Check the ingredients tab for each product for this information.

Gluten Free
Product does not contain ingredients derived from gluten.


Certified Organic products contain 95% of higher Organic ingredients as regulated by the USDA.



Vegan products do not contain any animal ingredient or animal derived ingredients. This includes honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumen, carmine, cholesterol, and gelatin – as well as many others.

Made in USMade in the United States
Manufactured in the United States.